When you are using fuel out of your source tank to keep your machinery running, you need that fuel to be in good condition. Sputtering engines don’t get work done. Time spent on repairs doesn’t make money. Your machinery and equipment is a huge investment, and you have to protect it. Water and bacteria are two of the worst offenders in large tanks and can equate to lost time and financial distress when they invade your fuel systems.

Fuel Pro is your experienced fuel and tank management company. We can test your fuel, and inspect your tank. We are certified to complete your annual inspections, and even have lab testing for fuels.

Whether your tank has been sitting for a while and needs initial cleaning and inspection, or you are using it heavily, we can help.

Keeping your equipment in good running order takes a crew of good mechanics and reliable, knowledgeable operators. Periodic inspections and maintenance of your equipment is a sound investment in the reliability of your engines and other operating systems.

Hiring Fuel Pro to inspect and repair your tanks is another good investment in your future. Give us a call today and let us do a visual test on your fuel. We can show you what we have to offer!

How Does Water Get into Tanks


Polishing fuels is a relatively uncomplicated process, requiring several layers of filtration, which we at Fuel Pro recognize as “filtered filtrated filtration.” By using more and more refined filtering, each step in the process removes higher levels of particulates. In some cases, additives are needed to restore the quality of the fuel, but that is determined by testing. Properly cleaned and stored fuels put back into clean tanks will store well for up to 12 months. Our skilled technicians are trained in testing fuels and completing the annual audits necessary for compliance. Our polishing equipment is top of the line, and when combined with our expertise, brings you the best outcomes in your situations. We also have lab testing available. Fuel Pro has many years of experience in managing the fuel needs of clients across the Gulf states. Call us today to discuss your needs.