Machines have become such an ordinary part of everyday life that we can take them for granted at times. It’s only when something goes wrong that we’re reminded the machines need constant care almost like our own bodies. One way to keep our engines running smoothly at all times is by giving them the right fuel to begin with. This means demanding the right kind of fuel as well. This can be achieved with polished fuel. So how does polished fuel enhance machine performance? To answer that question, we must first look into what the process of fuel polishing really is, provided here by Fuel Pro.

Fuel polishing is the cleaning process to remove and filter microbial contamination from oil and hydrocarbon fuel in storage. What that breaks down to is essentially the removal of water, sediment, and microbial contaminants from fuels such as diesel, red diesel, and biodiesel. This contamination, also known as 'fuel bugs' or 'diesel bugs', build up over time in stored fuels if they aren't treated on a regular basis. Fuel polishing for most people will apply solely to diesel fuel. It should occur once a year for backup machines; twice a year for machines used in hospitals.

Many fuel companies do this now in various ways. Those that really abide by the process of fuel polishing though do so on a consistent basis. Imagine if you have a swimming pool. At the beginning of summer, you can clean it out, empty the filter, shock the water and add the chlorine to keep it clean. But if you don’t keep at least part of that process up over the following months then the pool will get green again. Leaves will clog the filter and dirt will coat the bottom of the pool. Even the water can turn on itself with algae setting in and tainting the water. The same idea applies to fuel.

Once the fuel is clean, or “polished,” it can operate at a higher function without the uncleanliness becoming a risk to your machine and/or car. Polished petroleum will give you a spark ignition on your pistons. It will keep solids and asphaltenes and even biomass from ruining your petroleum and therefore ruining your machine. It will also filter out water, one of the worst fuel offenders.

Don’t let inadequate fuel become a problem, especially when there’s a solution. If you have back-up fuel, letting it sit for too long can develop a litany of issues. Polish it up for peak performance.

By using state of the art equipment and methods we can quickly and efficiently clean your tanks and polish your fuel to save you money on filters and downtime. For years, we have been helping people across the Southeastern United States maintain their fuel tanks. Don't let dirty diesel tanks shut you down or leave you in the dark. Visit our website for more information at Call us at 1-833-3DIESEL or 251-269-4841.

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