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Reduce Replacement &
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Polishing And Tank Cleaning.

About Fuel-Pro

We are a hand shake guarantee company that puts our customers satisfaction first. We depend on repeat business and guarantee our clients complete satisfaction regarding the services we perform.

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Why Choose Us?

By using state of the art equipment and methods we can quickly and efficiently clean your tanks and polish your fuel to save you money on filters and down time. Don't let dirty diesel tanks shut you down or leave you in the dark.

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Our Experience

We have been helping people across the south eastern united states for years maintain their fuel tanks. From colleges and hospitals to fuel stations and trucking companies. We are the name to trust in fuel quality compliance!

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Fuel Polishing

Don’t throw out expensive fuel that has been sitting or contaminated. Save it with our affordable methods and stay proactive with managed care.

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Neglected Diesel Tanks

You can’t see in your tank, and most of the time – they’re buried underground. Let us check them for corrosion and damage with our advanced equipment and testing.

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High Humidity is the Culprit

When fuel is removed from a storage tank, humid air replaces the fuel and brings in microbes with it. This moisture condenses on the tank walls and collects in the bottom creating a perfect environment for microbial growth.

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Removal of Sulfur

is part of the problem This allows microbial growth the grow unchecked in today's modern fuel. Polishing your fuel will protect your fuel filters, injectors and diesel particulate filters. 

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